Finding a good drug and alcohol rehab center

Recent research reveals close to 45% of world deaths are attributed to drug and alcohol abuse. This constitutes to a surging 88% of preventable deaths not to mention diseases. This worrying trend has rattled many governments, non-governmental organizations and private entities across the world compelling them to invest more in public awareness and rehabilitation centers in a bid to cut the numbers. Drug and alcohol abuse is not only a reality in our society, but also bears deadly consequences that need immediate prevention efforts. It is highly recommended for anyone struggling with drug and alcohol addiction to visit a rehabilitation center and begin the recovery process. However, it is important first to know how to find a good center. Below are some of the things you need to consider when choosing a drug and alcohol rehab center.

The results


What are my expected results at the end of the program? What are the results of what the center offers? Compare the two answers to establish any similarities or differences. Different facilities have different ways of measuring their success. There are those who measure success by the number of people who join and complete the twenty or more days program, while others by the level of personal improvement and added value in the society. So it is wise to check your expected results with those of a given center before acting.


Available programs

A good drug and alcohol rehab center should offer both short-term and long-term programs that meet varied needs. Various factors may cause some people to recover within the short-term program while others may need a long-term program. So it is also important to be informed of the kind of program or programs available.

Most used recovery steps in the center

One should be cautious when it comes to recovery steps. There are centers that prefer rapid withdrawals that may have long lasting negative effects on a person. It is important for you to check through some of the recovery steps applied and liaise with a medical doctor to decide on what best suits you.

Available facilities

A good drug and alcohol rehab center should provide the best facilities for a quick and effective recovery process.You do not need to go somewhere where you will be bored in a cage. A good center should offer a wide range of recreational facilities to keep the patients actively engaged for a healthy recovery. It is also important to consider whether boarding facilities are available for distant patients.

Drug substitution methods applied

nhhgbvfIn determining how to find a good drug and alcohol rehab center, drug substitution method used can not be ignored. Common treatment programs involve the use of buprenorphine or methadone as substitutes to addiction to painkillers or heroin. This approach necessarily makes one jump from one drug to another that is viewed to be better than the former. Switching drugs do not actually eliminate addiction. It involves well-planned mechanisms to eliminate addiction. It is therefore important for one to question the substitution methods applied in a given center.

Recovery is actually a journey that needs proper planning and consideration. Any assumptions when it comes to choosing the right drug and alcohol rehab center may be detrimental to the life of the addict.…