Natural home remedies for pneumonia

Pneumonia is a common disease that can be described as a lung infection. It affects people of all ages, and research has shown that it is a common cause of death among children and the elderly more especially those that are in chronic conditions. Some of the major symptoms of pneumonia include a dry cough resulting in mucus, fever, chills, chest pains and one experiencing shortness in breathing.

In this article, we are going to discuss some simple home remedies for pneumonia. They are easy and simple to prepare. You will benefit a lot from using these remedies if you take them as instructed below. They can be taken along with other medication as they can play a big role in giving you relief from pneumonia symptoms.

Home remedies for pneumonia



Research has it that turmeric has many medicinal properties, and hence can be used to treat a number of ailments. Turmeric also helps treat pneumonia. You can also use other herbs like fenugreek, black pepper and ginger as they have been found to be beneficial to one’s lungs. The herbs can be taken cooked or while they are raw.

Sesame seeds

These seeds are also helpful in treating pneumonia symptoms. You are advised to add about 15 grammes of sesame seeds in 250ml of warm water. Also, add a pinch of common salt and some linseed, remember to add a tablespoon of honey if you have it in the mixture. You are advised to consume this mixture daily for four consecutive days. By so doing you will be expelling phlegm that causes pneumonia from your bronchial tubes.


This is another popular home remedy that has been used effectively to treat many respiratory disorders. For you to deal with pneumonia, it is advisable that you take about 10 ml of fresh ginger juice daily. If the juice is not available, take two or three grammes of dried ginger powder combined with honey twice a day.


In the event that you start feeling pain on your chest, it is advisable that you mix some camphor with 5 ml of warm turpentine oil and let somebody apply it gently on your chest. Ensure that you get a gentle massage as this will give you relief from pneumonia.


ksladvnlkasldkvnlsanvlnsavlknaslkdnvsadvdsaHoney is another popular pneumonia home remedy. If you feel or witness any pneumonia symptoms, add a spoonful of honey to a glass of warm water, then make sure that you drink it twice or three times a day. The drink has been found to be very effective in treating pneumonia has it has a soothing effect and relieves the symptoms quickly.


Always exercise precaution when using these remedies and don’t use these ingredients if you are allergic to them…