Finding a good drug and alcohol rehab center

Recent research reveals close to 45% of world deaths are attributed to drug and alcohol abuse. This constitutes to a surging 88% of preventable deaths not to mention diseases. This worrying trend has rattled many governments, non-governmental organizations and private entities across the world compelling them to invest more in public awareness and rehabilitation centers in a bid to cut the numbers. Drug and alcohol abuse is not only a reality in our society, but also bears deadly consequences that need immediate prevention efforts. It is highly recommended for anyone struggling with drug and alcohol addiction to visit a rehabilitation center and begin the recovery process. However, it is important first to know how to find a good center. Below are some of the things you need to consider when choosing a drug and alcohol rehab center.

The results


What are my expected results at the end of the program? What are the results of what the center offers? Compare the two answers to establish any similarities or differences. Different facilities have different ways of measuring their success. There are those who measure success by the number of people who join and complete the twenty or more days program, while others by the level of personal improvement and added value in the society. So it is wise to check your expected results with those of a given center before acting.


Available programs

A good drug and alcohol rehab center should offer both short-term and long-term programs that meet varied needs. Various factors may cause some people to recover within the short-term program while others may need a long-term program. So it is also important to be informed of the kind of program or programs available.

Most used recovery steps in the center

One should be cautious when it comes to recovery steps. There are centers that prefer rapid withdrawals that may have long lasting negative effects on a person. It is important for you to check through some of the recovery steps applied and liaise with a medical doctor to decide on what best suits you.

Available facilities

A good drug and alcohol rehab center should provide the best facilities for a quick and effective recovery process.You do not need to go somewhere where you will be bored in a cage. A good center should offer a wide range of recreational facilities to keep the patients actively engaged for a healthy recovery. It is also important to consider whether boarding facilities are available for distant patients.

Drug substitution methods applied

nhhgbvfIn determining how to find a good drug and alcohol rehab center, drug substitution method used can not be ignored. Common treatment programs involve the use of buprenorphine or methadone as substitutes to addiction to painkillers or heroin. This approach necessarily makes one jump from one drug to another that is viewed to be better than the former. Switching drugs do not actually eliminate addiction. It involves well-planned mechanisms to eliminate addiction. It is therefore important for one to question the substitution methods applied in a given center.

Recovery is actually a journey that needs proper planning and consideration. Any assumptions when it comes to choosing the right drug and alcohol rehab center may be detrimental to the life of the addict.…

How To Get More Traffic To Your Health Website

Having a good website is the first step in commanding a strong online business. So if you are running a health website on the internet, then the first thing is to ensure that your website meets all the qualities of a good website. Sometimes, you might need the help of a good website designer to achieve that. Once that is done, then the next thing is to drive a good amount of traffic back to your website. The question is, how are you going to this? Well, there are several techniques that you can employ to achieve this. Some are described in this article.

Article marketing

A good number of people all over the world consult the internet before they buy whatever product that they needed. What does this tell you? It means that if you can provide the information that these people are looking for, then there are high chances that you will have all of them for yourself. However, for you to get the maximum benefits out of this technique, you need to a thorough keyword research. Find out the words that most people type in the search engines whenever they are looking for the information that they want. Be sure to incorporate those keywords in your articles.

Video marketing

Of late, YouTube has become very popular. People are not only using these platform for entertainment only but also marketing their business as well. You should not be left behind. You need to understand that many people love watching more than reading. So if you find a way to put the information that you would have provided to them through writing by making a video, then you will surely get it right. Here, like in article writing, you also need to take into consideration keyword research. You also need to ensure that your videos are of high quality to attract as many viewers as possible.

Social media

Social media can also drive a significant of traffic to your website. Twitter and Facebook are the most used social media in the world. Having blogs that will be linked to your health website is very important as it will eventually lead to many people visiting your website. You can also check out online apotheek for a strong online presence.

Reputable SEO Agency

If you think that you do not .have enough time to do all the necessary works needed to optimize your website, then you can consider hiring a good SEO agency. You, however, need to understand that nowadays, there so many SEO agencies that finding the right one is never a simple task. So you need to make sure that you do extensive research before landing on a particular agency.…


Tips On Choosing A Laser Clinic

If you want to get rid of your hair, then, make sure that you consider laser hair removal clinic. It can be very easier for one to choose this laser hair removal clinic if he or she know what to consider. That is why it is important to know some of the tips you are recommended to consider before you choose your laser clinic. This is because there are a lot of clinics like laser clinic Melbourne, offer professional laser services.

Selecting a laser clinic


Laser hair removal clinic works by targeting those tiny hair follicles that are located below your skin. However, it is important to know that not all hair follicles are destroyed in one visit. This is because the laser only targets hair follicles that are active. Therefore, after you have visited your laser clinic severally, you will notice that the hair follicles will be treated and this will lead to permanent hair removal. The following therefore are some of the tips on choosing a laser clinic.

The experience of the clinic

When you are looking for your laser clinic, you are advised to consider choosing a laser clinic that has enough experience. Therefore, ensure that you have researched a lot to know the best laser clinic that has got enough experience. Never choose a new laser clinic that has just been opened. This is because it might have some employees who are not experienced. Therefore, ensure that you consider this aspect before you choose your laser clinic.

The kind of laser used

When you are looking for your laser clinic, ensure that you consider this aspect before you make your decision. You are advised to ensure that you know the type of laser that is used in the laser clinic you are interested in. However, most of the laser clinics use the intensely pulsed light device. However, the laser that is good for most people is the Lightsheer Diode Laser. It is the best because it can be used for dark, medium, and light skin.

Certifications of the laser technician

Before you make any decision concerning the best laser clinic to choose, it is important to make sure that you consider this component first. This is because, in these laser clinics, there are some technicians who are working there. That is why you are required to check whether they are qualified before you make your own decision. Therefore, make sure that you choose the best laser clinic that has qualified and experienced technicians.

The cost of their services

When you are choosing your laser clinic, do not forget to consider this aspect. You need to budget carefully on your budget before you make any decision. Therefore, consider choosing a laser clinic that has affordable services. Most of these clinics charge their services based on their level of experience. Research first before you decide to choose your laser clinic.

Find out if the clinic rents or own the laser

It is important to consider this factor before you decide to make your last decision based on the best laser clinic to choose. The clinic that owns a laser is assured to be around for a long time.


Advantages Of Using Natural Products For Your Health

Most people are accustomed to doing things in a way that best suits them, and they would hardly want to switch from their usual routine. However, if you compare the advantages that come with natural health products to your previous method, you will realize the need to opt for natural products. The marine phytoplankton supplement is one of the best supplements.

This guide will explore some of the advantages of using natural products for your health

Better sleep


Lack of adequate sleep can ruin your health. Sleeping peacefully and regularly is one of the pillars of good health, and this is where natural products can be of great help. A light dinner that comes with natural supplements will ensure that your digestive system is working fine and that you are not over stimulated. If you are feeling fatigued after a long days work, then some natural creams and products can help you relax, and this is crucial for a good night sleep.

Natural products can improve your mood

Our world is filled with stress and our daily routine usually comprises of intense pressure. One of the key factors that distract us from how we partake most part of our day is the products that we consume. In fact, they sometime don’t sit well with our bodies and this has a contributing factor to the neurotransmitter and hormone balance in our bodies. However, if you decide to use natural products, then you can restore balance and improve your mood. The good thing about natural products is that they do not have an age requirement and you can start off your family as early as possible.

Achieving a better figure

One of the greatest advantages of using natural products for your health is that you can achieve better health. Also, you should forget that such products play a significant role in weight loss. That said, intake of natural supplements is useful in ensuring a healthy digestive system and that you are not putting on any extra weight.

Avoiding pollutants


If you take a closer look at a number of pollutants that we intake in our bodies, you’ll realize that it’s unreal. For instance, some crops are genetically modified to achieve a better yield with total disregard to the adverse effects of the end product to our health. However, if you stick to using natural products, then you’ll realize that the natural supplements you’re taking are both safe and healthy. This is important since you are guaranteed of better health and improved quality of life.…


Best Tips When Buying Kratom Online

There are so many kratom products that it makes it confusing for anyone when they are shopping. They will end up with the mistake of getting the wrong product home. The reason why it’s hard to get original kratom products in some countries is that they are several conflicts that might be there in the manufacture of the kratom. If in your country then the use of kratom is not banned then you can go ahead and buy it. If you are looking for tips that will guide you through the process of buying the kratom, then this article will be helpful. Here are three best tips when you want to buy kratom online;

Avoid low prices


When you are thinking about buying the kratom capsule or powder because it’s somehow a low price, then you should think twice. Because one thing that is common it’s that you will not find a kratom that is cheap. The products that are used in the manufacturing of the kratom are expensive. You will get the kratom products at $60 to $ 160 so when you get a vendor that is selling the kratom capsule or powder that is less than the products then you have to be sure that they ain’t real. So many people have been conned because they lacked the peace of information.

Ask users

In you are new in the world of using the kratom products then you should not do it before talking to someone who has used them before. Talk to people online so that you can know of some of the effects that you might get. There are so many online pages that you can find some great advice. They will be able to tell you of what to expect when you use a certain kratom product so that you will not be caught off gourd when you use it. The online users will be able to give you a lot of help.

Kratom types


There are so many capsules and powder forms of kratom that’s why you should be careful when purchasing one. If you are a new user and you have no idea of the right dosage that you should use then ensure that you talk to someone that is an expert in that field. You might end up using a high dosage only for you to damage yourself further. You should also know that the advanced kratom users use the powder, and if you are the beginner, then you should use the capsules.…

Physiotherapy Singapore – Signs that You Need To See A Physiotherapist

It is no doubt that some of us have never visited a physiotherapist. If so some seek their help when their pain becomes severe. Due to technological advancement, people don’t struggle with pains on their back anymore. The emergence of physiotherapist has helped to ease doctor’s work and also help people. Since physiotherapists are professional, they can diagnose according to the patient’s disease. According to Interactive Physio, a physiotherapy Singapore provider, physiotherapy is not a treatment for the athletes only. In fact, it is also used to improve your health in a quiet number of ways. In the other hand, the physiotherapist is highly recommended to people with injuries.efrgtyfhgdfre

Signs that indicate that you need to visit a physiotherapist

1. If the pain is persistent

It is normal to experience some pain in case of a minor injury for a few days. If the sore starts swelling and the pain are persistent after some time, this one of the signs that you need to see a physiotherapist. Another case is when you had accident years back, but your back is still giving you trouble once in a while, this implies that you need to be checked.

2. Take painkillers to cool down your pain regularly

If you tend to take painkillers often to cool down your pain, you need to see a physiotherapist. You need to know that painkillers address the symptoms of a severe injury. Painkillers do address the pain, not the injury. When there is a pain in our body, this is a way of telling us that there is an injury and there is a problem that needs to be fixed. By visiting physiotherapists, they will help tackle the injury and make the pain go away so that one can stop taking painkillers.

3. You tend to have mobility issues

ertyujghfgAnother sign that proves that you need to a physiotherapist. If you notice that you have problems moving around and un- flexible which needs the attention of a physiotherapist. Physiotherapists access the problem that is hindering you from moving flexibly and comfortably. They can then provide adequate information on the exercises that you need to take to help strengthen your support tissues and relax your muscles. This will allow your muscles to relax and increase your body flexibility. Human beings lose their flexibility and mobility as we get older and age. But this is not normal when we lose our motion every day such as having problems walking upstairs.


Guide to LPR Causes & Treatment

Treatment for gastroesophageal reflux involves dietary changes, lifestyle, and use of medications and, in more severe cases, surgery to correct the problem.

It is recommended to add Broccoli on the menu which helps ensure intestinal health Stomach acid has long been regarded as a cause of ailments like reflux and heartburn. But now, some experts are beginning to argue that the problem is not just in the stomach acid that goes up, but in the type of food that goes down.

Indeed, research suggests that there are benefits to a low-acid diet. In the other hand, recent studies indicate a link between bone health and a low acid diet.4567ugt


The main remedies used to treat reflux are Antacids: neutralize the acidity of the stomach and avoid the burning sensation in the esophagus such as pepsamar, omeprazole, and sonrisa;

Prokinetics: accelerate intestinal transit, decreasing the time the food stays in the stomach such as lasil, metoclopramide, and domperidone.

Some home remedies that can be used to treat reflux are:

Water with lemon, ginger tea, chamomile tea, apple vinegar and Slug juice.

Gastric shield: form a protective layer in the esophagus, preventing the aggression caused by stomach acid. Ex: Sucralfate and Omeprazole


The typical symptoms of reflux, such as heartburn or regurgitation, usually disappear with proper treatment of the disease, decreasing pain, burning in the chest and fluid that is left and back, and discomfort of the patient. This is because of the high acidity of refluxed gastric juice that reaches regions not prepared for this contact, causing chronic inflammation, according to the physicians. There are also typical symptoms of the disease: throat knot sensation, chest pain of non-cardiac origin, earache, hoarseness, sore throat, cough, bronchitis, repetitive asthma, tooth enamel wear, and sinusitis.


After meals, many people feel a discomfort in their stomach and a feeling that the food is coming back. This can be a sign of reflux. Depending on what you eat, the symptoms may worsen. Reflux occurs when any of these mechanisms of ensuring food to digest and follow the normal flow fails. The most common are when the muscles of the sphincter, the muscle responsible for opening and closing the esophagus, are relaxed and do not close the esophagus, causing the gastric juice to return. Obesity or overweight can also cause reflux because the weight makes pressure on the stomach and does not let the dynamics of opening and closing the esophagus function properly.

According to The Supreme Guide to LPR Causes & Treatment, some foods can cause or worsen the problem: chocolate, because of a substance in the cocoa that relaxes the esophageal sphincter and closes the exit of the stomach; coffee; Alcoholic beverages (the fermented ones are worse because of the gas, which stomached the stomach); and white bread, because digestion is heavier.

The experts also agree this disease is caused by a withdrawal of gastric contents into the pharynx. For example, the patient can present a feeling of the balloon and chronic cough with non-seasonal asthma, unresponsive to medications.…


Top Qualities Of The Best Dentistry Center

As its said prevention is better than cure, every body part needs constant care through regular wellness checks to enable early detection of any disease that may occur. These checks also enable prevention of any infections that might strike if given a chance. Dentists are one of the physicians that add to total body wellness through the services they offer for oral health purposes. Many dental clinics are coming up on the market and finding a suitable one for cosmetic dentistry needs, or any other requires careful considerations. The following are some of the factors to consider when choosing a dentistry center;

Top qualities of the best dentistry center

Qualifications of dentists

gdfgdfgdfgdgdfgfdgFor best dental services, you will need qualified dentists. This is because they are more conversant with the job and are able to deal with any technicality that may arise. On the other hand, unqualified dentists tend to do procedures that they are not well trained for which may lead to further damage. Centers with qualified dentists usually have a good name due to the high-quality services they provide. Their websites usually contain the qualifications of their staff from the leading dentist followed by the rest of the team.

Customer oriented

For any business to be successful, their main focus should be its customers. This is the same case with a dentistry center. A center that is more concerned with its customer’s satisfaction and is always ready to act upon any issues raised by its clients builds a good name. You will leave satisfied that all your questions and concerns have been addressed to. These customer-focused centers usually have a customer care department that is specifically set to receive all concerns from clients and ensure they are addressed in good time.

The center must be well equipped

dgfdgdfgdfgfdgdfgA well-equipped dentistry center needs to have a good quantity of state of the art equipment and machines. These machines are used to perform even the simplest procedures like tooth extraction. With the ever increasing advancements in technology, dentistry centers are moving from that one roomed clinic to big hospitals with a variety of equipment enabling them to perform complex procedures that were otherwise impossible. For the best services consider how well the center is equipped.

Services offered

With the advanced medical field, dentists provide not only simple procedures like tooth extraction but also provide other complex services that were not possible decades ago. Services like scanning, surgery, dental implants among others are available in many centers today. Go for a center that offers the services you require.…

Natural home remedies for pneumonia

Pneumonia is a common disease that can be described as a lung infection. It affects people of all ages, and research has shown that it is a common cause of death among children and the elderly more especially those that are in chronic conditions. Some of the major symptoms of pneumonia include a dry cough resulting in mucus, fever, chills, chest pains and one experiencing shortness in breathing.

In this article, we are going to discuss some simple home remedies for pneumonia. They are easy and simple to prepare. You will benefit a lot from using these remedies if you take them as instructed below. They can be taken along with other medication as they can play a big role in giving you relief from pneumonia symptoms.

Home remedies for pneumonia



Research has it that turmeric has many medicinal properties, and hence can be used to treat a number of ailments. Turmeric also helps treat pneumonia. You can also use other herbs like fenugreek, black pepper and ginger as they have been found to be beneficial to one’s lungs. The herbs can be taken cooked or while they are raw.

Sesame seeds

These seeds are also helpful in treating pneumonia symptoms. You are advised to add about 15 grammes of sesame seeds in 250ml of warm water. Also, add a pinch of common salt and some linseed, remember to add a tablespoon of honey if you have it in the mixture. You are advised to consume this mixture daily for four consecutive days. By so doing you will be expelling phlegm that causes pneumonia from your bronchial tubes.


This is another popular home remedy that has been used effectively to treat many respiratory disorders. For you to deal with pneumonia, it is advisable that you take about 10 ml of fresh ginger juice daily. If the juice is not available, take two or three grammes of dried ginger powder combined with honey twice a day.


In the event that you start feeling pain on your chest, it is advisable that you mix some camphor with 5 ml of warm turpentine oil and let somebody apply it gently on your chest. Ensure that you get a gentle massage as this will give you relief from pneumonia.


ksladvnlkasldkvnlsanvlnsavlknaslkdnvsadvdsaHoney is another popular pneumonia home remedy. If you feel or witness any pneumonia symptoms, add a spoonful of honey to a glass of warm water, then make sure that you drink it twice or three times a day. The drink has been found to be very effective in treating pneumonia has it has a soothing effect and relieves the symptoms quickly.


Always exercise precaution when using these remedies and don’t use these ingredients if you are allergic to them…

Welcome to Design Rhythmics Sonification Research Lab

Welcome to Design Rhythmics Sonification Research Lab.
The Music of Scientific Research

Marty Quinn teaches the STEREO spacecraft to play music with its data and images.

Design Rhythmics Sonification Research Lab works with scientists and museums to turn information and data into music. Why music? Not only do we love music, but it just so happens that music is composed of a very rich palette of qualities upon which data may be mapped and thereby perceived by the brain through the auditory channel. Music stimulates cognition and memory, and offers those who are blind or visually handicapped the opportunity to understand information and gain knowledge in new ways. By working with scientists who are shedding new light on our world, and the museums and centers who are helping to disseminate it, we seek to create innovative, pleasurable and accessible audio information presentation solutions for the public to “get it” by hearing. Whether online or live, our work makes science accessible to more people, and maybe, just maybe, its like listening to the music of the spheres.

Created by computer scientist and composer/percussionist Marty Quinn, these sonifications demonstrate how data of all kinds can be translated into music for the purposes of expanding and enhancing our perception of the earth and our environment. Dr. Rita Colwell, former director of The National Science Foundation, cited this work in one of her speeches for being an innovative merging of art and science.

Description of Light Runner program and Walk on the Sun Exhibit

Currently, we are touring “Walk on the Sun” as part of new NASA sponsored program under the title “Light Runners”. We are looking to show the exhibit for a week at a time in 12 cities at science centers and run special programs for the visually impaired at the science center or at the centers for the blind. The exhibit may also be purchased from DRSRL. Call Marty at 603-988-7107 for details.

The Light Runners program is based on a 2-year NASA Ideas grant to create a museum exhibit based on sonified, musically encoded representations of data and imagery from the STEREO Space Mission. New image sonification and visualization techniques for solar images and data has also led directly to new techniques to present works of art, increasing the accessible of art by making the content of paintings generate music based on the color data present in the pixels in a photograph of the art. We showcased and discussing these approaches at the Astronomical Society of the Pacific conference poster session on Sept 6th, 2007 in Chicago and the Soundscapes panel at the Art Education for the Blind 2007 Conference in NYC Sept 29, 2007 sponsored by Art Beyond Site and the MET. The grant included collaboration with the Christa McAuliffe Planetarium in Concord, NH and UC Berkeley’s Space Science Lab. See ArtMusic to see and hear examples of art as music.

Image of the Sun with a blue tinitNew! Photomusic, ImageSonification and STEREO Solar Image Music pages related to image sonification.

New! ArtMusic.

New! MoveMusic.

New! Rock Around the Bow Shock: Sonification of data from the Cluster satellites. Recently featured in the 2007 July edition of ASTC magazine.


Information Display Using Musical Encoding: A Tour of Sonification Designs by Marty Quinn
Research Set to Music paper delivered at National Science Foundation [HTML] [PDF, 511 K ]

Solar Songs, recently commissioned by the Space Science Center at UNH, presents 7 sonifications of solar wind ACE spacecraft data during April of 1998. Iron/Oxygen ratios, electron charge states and up to 6 variables are presented simultaneously.

The Seismic Sonata is a musical retelling of the 1994 Northridge California Earthquake. Commissioned by the IRIS Consortium for use in museum displays, this sonification presents the seismic signals as heard from Albuquerque, NM. Various types of waves (P and S) can be heard as they strike over a 15-minute period. Dramatic sonifications feature the …